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A consultation appointment is always an essential part of the process to enable us to discuss your requirements and to carry out a professional colour match. My fitting service will be completely bespoke to you, given that the colour, amount and length of hair required will differ from person to person depending on your natural hair and the look that you wish to achieve.

With this in mind, I have put together a very simple price guide, which will hopefully give you an idea of what the cost might be prior to you making your decision to book your consultation with me.

I only offer high quality hair extensions, which have a 12+ month lifespan when following my recommended aftercare routine. I always say that good hair is the best investment, because if you buy cheap, you buy twice. The wefts that I use, boast a new patented flat top technology, which ensures that they sit comfortably flat against your head in comparison to other wefts on the market; this discreetness will also suit clients with thinner hair to add more volume boosting services.

Brown Hair


16" - £209
20" - £239
24" - £269

This is a perfect option for ladies who want to achieve thickness only. A half weft will sit nicely and discretely over one row. No extra length will be achieved.

Hair Braiding


16" - £388
20" - £448
24" - £508

A full weft is a really popular option to create both length and thickness for ladies who have fine to medium hair densities. This will give you a natural look that will sit perfectly across two rows.

blonde hair


Prices from £509

A super weft is perfect for adding EXTRA length and volume. This option is better suited to ladies whos natural hair is medium to thick in density.

Hair Supplies


1 ROW - £40
2 ROWS - £60
3 ROWS - £80

This appointment is typically required every 2 months. 
Prices include removal, trim and wave

Hair Salon


1 Row - £10
2 Rows - £15
3 Rows - £20

Removal is only a chargeable service if your weft is not being re-fitted on the same day. This is because extra appointment time will be required

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